Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lime Vinaigrette Salad with Rice Noodles, Marinated Tofu, and Peanuts

Sunday morning found me staring, longingly, across the breakfast table as my husband enjoyed pork dumplings. Alas, our Safeway (variously called the Soviet Safeway, and other flattering nicknames) was out of the veggie ones.

The good that came out of this torture was that the sauce he had concocted to go with the dumplings was so delicious that it inspired dinner. It was a simple mixture of soy sauce, red vinegar, and sesame oil, laced with sliced garlic. It was perfectly balanced, and very summery.

If you are not a lettuce fan, this dinner would also work served hot, without the salad. But as a salad, it is refreshing and satisfying. Feel free to add shrimp if you like, (I grilled about ½ a pound and marinated it with the tofu) but it’s certainly not necessary.

Lime Vinaigrette Salad with Rice Noodles, Marinated Tofu, and Peanuts


14 oz extra firm tofu, well drained and cubed
8 oz rice noodles, cooked, drained, and rinsed thoroughly with cold water to stop cooking process
About 15 oz romaine lettuce, chopped
2 thinly sliced carrots
Handful of basil, sliced
½ cup dry roasted peanuts

Tofu Marinade


3TB soy sauce
2 TB red wine vinegar
1 tsp sesame oil
¼- ½ jalapeno, finely chopped
5 garlic cloves, minced

Lime Vinaigrette


Juice of one lime
1TB olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste


In a shallow covered dish or pan, combine tofu marinade and tofu. Let marinate for about an hour. Meanwhile, to make salad, toss romaine with lime vinaigrette. To assemble dish, place about 4 c salad mixture on each plate. Top with 2 oz of noodles. Place about 3-4 oz tofu mixture on top of noodles. Finish by sprinkling carrots, basil and peanuts on top of each plate. Serves 4.


In other news, my beans rock the party. Literally. Something that I love about my husband is his unequivicol willingness to be really bootleg when need be. Hence, we made our climbing bean pole trellis with bamboo stakes (normal) and... speaker wire (not so). Come on out & get your groove on, little beans.

Finally, a lovely piece of summer. My friend, the consummate hostess, made this delicious drink this weekend. The drink featured cucumber, thyme, lime & other favorite flavors. It even made me reconsider (for like 5 seconds) my lifetime ban on gin. That is a seriously good drink.

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blighter said...

What happened to Tom's fetching hat from previous gardening adventures??

While I had never formalized my distaste into an official lifetime ban, I share similar views on the potability of the juniper berry.

Interestingly, I, too, have been recently reconsidering that, though for longer than 5 seconds. A well-made gin drink in the summer can be about the most refreshing thing imaginable.

I'm a great beer lover, as anyone who has spent more than about 12 hours around me could prob. tell, but recently the idea of cooling down with a gin drink rather than a couple of gallons of the malted has been sounding appealingly civilized.