Monday, June 2, 2008

What's for lunch?

When the answer just has to be: powdered baby formula, a nice watermelon fondant cake, Diet Tangerine Sierra Mist, a four pack of chocolate "muffins", and some Light Apple juice to wash it all down, stop by my workplace. Mmm mmm good.
Is there anything at all people won't eat that they find in an office kitchen?! In my almost all-female office, I'm going to say no. In the past week alone, I've seen people devour cases of Slim Jims, chocolate twizzlers, and splinter-sized, plastic wrapped Weight Watchers carrot cakes. It's truly impressive.

What's the most questionable thing your collective workplace appetite has consumed recently?


Bob said...

Baby formula? For an adult's lunch? That's disgusting beyond words.

My own personal worst is to have a bag of dorritos which always sounds like only a vaguely bad idea until I finish and then feels like the worst idea since prohibition.

Could be worse, I suppose. We have a new mother who's also a new employee around here who's fond of leaving her pumped breast milk in un-marked, apparently un-closed containers nestled up with other people's food in the communal refrigerator. I believe someone finally said something to her.

Thankfully, I buy my lunch 95% of the time so I haven't had any breast-milk adventures. On the other hand, it's just the latest thing pushing me to buy my own mini-fridge for the cube...

tomcheng said...

Perhaps the baby formula wasn't lunch, but payment for services at SG's workplace? (Sort of like Atticus Finch accepting hickory nuts as payment.)

Anyway, I've also seen my fair share of questionable food abandonment at the office. Try the crab dip! Mmmmmm!

Emily B. said...

We have a lot of catered lunch meetings in my office, and I work in academia, so the place is full of starving students and professors alike. So I am always amazed at how fast the leftovers go!

The worst stuff is always inside the refrigerator; it's like people are doing science projects in there.